How to know your hair type, hair texture and hair porosity


Hello my beautiful WP family, welcome back to my blog 😊😊 YAKWAZULU this post is for your beautiful 😊 Today, we are going to be learning about our hair type, texture and hair porosity. I know a lot of people can't identify their hair type (I found out about mine months ago). I use to…


  1. Posted by naomiimyers, — Reply

    Mine hair type is like between 4b and 4c, it’s so hard to take care of omg 🙄 But it’s beautiful no matter what, and ik it’s a blessing to have. ❤️

  2. Posted by pinkacademia, — Reply

    i’m not an expert or anything but this is one of the best charts i’ve seen! everyone here sharing pictures of their hair is really pretty too🥰.

  3. Posted by snivvy, — Reply

    I literally don’t know how to classify my hair. The underparts are straight but also wavy and slightly curly, and the top layer is just a giant ball of frizz with a few pieces looking like 3A. I don’t understand what’s going on. *cries*

  4. Posted by nueneegirl, — Reply

    i have 4c and wish i had like 4a or sum sooo bad 😭 i like my hair but it’s so short and hard to take care of i never know what to do with it so i always keep it in braids 💀

  5. Posted by s725118, — Reply

    My hair used to be 2c..on the verge of 3a. Now idk what happened :( its straight now like completely. I'm jealous of my brother's hair..his is 3b/3c

  6. Posted by mcgrewsarah18, — Reply

    My hair is really long all the way down my back to the top of my butt and it’s between 2A and 2B . But the issue is my hair is really thick so it gets tangled and matted together all the time if I don’t brush it at least twice a day.

  7. Posted by mandoscyare, — Reply

    My hair is like 2a/2b, it’s really long so it doesn’t curl as much because of the weight but it’s still pretty wavy, and SUPER frizzy which I am trying to fix but still haven’t found a way to get rid of the frizz 🙄😂

  8. Posted by myael24, — Reply

    My hair is 3a with some 3b also my hair isn't growing an my mom can't help cuz she is Mexican and doesn't have my problems so can anybody send me the names of hair product I should use #PLEASEHELP

  9. Posted by Faith_with_no_username, — Reply

    This is the most accurate chart ive seen! I saw a chart where the 3b hair looked like 2c hair. I have 3b hair that's hard to manage so things like this kind of upset me :< No hate to 2c, its absolutely stunning

  10. Posted by lucille_mcgillicuddy, — Reply

    I think the 3a hair on this charts leans a tad into 3b territory, and the 3b hairs leans into 3c hair territory, but other than that it's pretty good!

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